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How to Tackle a Cluttered Closet

It’s easy to forget to put your clothes away a few times, then suddenly your closet becomes the most cluttered space in your home. With closets, you can simply shut the door and forget about the mess, which is why it’s even more important to organize this space. If your wardrobe is so jam-packed you don’t know what you have, or all your clothes are getting wrinkled on the floor, it might be time for a closet refresh. Facing the clutter may feel overwhelming at first, but breaking it down into smaller steps can help lighten the load.

1. Take everything out

When I say everything, I mean everything, even the things you just wore and know you’re going to keep. This will help with knowing exactly how much you have and give you the chance to start from scratch. Just because your shirts have been in the same corner of your closet for 10 years doesn’t mean they need to stay there! This will prepare you to do some reorganizing and really evaluate where each item should go.

2. Group clothing into categories

Next, group your clothes into categories. Put all the jeans together, leggings together, t-shirts, etc, until you have multiple piles of clothing. Keeping your clothes in groups is a great way to find what you need easily and make decluttering a simple process. You can see everything in a neat and organized way, and recognize if you have too many or not enough of a specific item.

3. Decide what to keep or get rid of

Now that you know exactly what you have in each of your piles, you can decide what you want to keep, donate, give to friends or family, or simply discard. You can start trying things on to help make these decisions, and anything you don’t wear anymore, or anything stained or ripped should be given away or discarded. If you’re waiting for something to fit, or if a clothing item doesn’t align with your style anymore, it’s okay to get rid of it! Clearing out your closet allows for more space to refresh your wardrobe with items you actually love and want to wear. For donations, I’d recommend Goodwill, Salvation Army, or using an online platform like ThreadUP. For tips on how to make these decisions, check out our blog post on How to Decide What to Keep and What to Get Rid of When Decluttering.

4. Put back the clothing you decide to keep

Take the chance to clean and vacuum your closet, then put back the groups of clothing from your “keep” pile, using a system that will work for you. Keep like-items together, and assess what should be hung and what should be folded. If you want to take it a step further, you can try organizing by sleeve type to make the hanging items in your closet even more structured. Maximize every inch of closet space by utilizing over-the-door organizers, slim hangers, and bins.

Having a more simplified, organized wardrobe makes getting ready in the morning faster and easier since you can quickly find what you need. Your closet will be filled with clothes that make you feel good and that you’ll actually wear! Having an organized closet could even save you money since you know exactly what you have and you’re not buying as many new clothes. This will help you create a wardrobe filled with higher-quality items that will last you a long time. These tips will help you get in the mindset of having an organized space, and may even inspire you to clear out other areas of your home!

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