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Meet the Owner & Founder of Tidy by Tina: Tina Jellinek

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Tidy By Tina started as a passion project during the pandemic when I realized what was happening to parents worldwide. Everyone’s lives changed overnight but the lives of parents became so chaotic and stressful that daily life was often overwhelming.

Rewind to the beginning… I was raised by incredibly hard working immigrant parents who instilled the value of hard work in me and my 6 siblings. With 7 kids and parents who worked overnight shifts, our house was always in a constant state of chaos. But you would never know it because our house was clean, dishes were done and the laundry was always put away.

I became a mother, graduated high school and joined the US military before turning 18. As a single, working mom, attending night school, I had to maximize my time and resources. I had to be resilient and well organized to survive and provide my daughter with a calm, happy environment. Thirteen years later, I was happily married, had moved across the country and was pregnant with my second daughter. This time, I had an amazing support network but because of the pandemic they were not accessible to me. Again, the feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and isolation crept back in. From that moment forward I knew I had to use my skills, from my 15 years in the corporate world and from being a single teen mom, to help other overwhelmed parents who felt the same way…either silently suffering or pleading on Facebook groups.

The way I knew how to help was creating calm from chaos in both space and time! Unsure where to start, I simply began sharing organizing strategies on social media to help others become more efficient and decrease stress. That expanded to helping others organize their spaces and creating systems that were maintainable for families. Tidy by Tina was born!

Tidy by Tina ethos is all about leaving people and spaces better than how we found them. Whether that’s the parent who is at their breaking point, the teen mom whose life will be improved through a donation, or just allowing a person whose life is out of control to feel empowered and back in charge. I want children to remember their parents playing with them and not being stressed about the mess that is made. We create systems that make cleaning up so efficient, families don’t mind making the mess. The memories are made in the mess.

In addition to helping individuals and families organize their spaces, I also feel strongly about giving back. The first way Tidy by Tina gives back is by donating gently used items to families who need them. Every project we do involves multiple trips to Cradles to Crayons, Goodwill, Vietnam Veterans of America and Restore Dedham. I’ll never forget receiving a real set of pots and pans someone donated to me and my daughter. It allowed me to cook for her and save money we desperately needed. If I can pay that forward even one time, my business is a success.

The second way Tidy by Tina gives back is by providing career opportunities for individuals who don’t want to or can’t work a traditional 40 hours a week. I understand the importance of having a flexible schedule and supplemental income to better your life. My team is incredible and I’m so fortunate to work with a great group of women.

I am passionate about helping others and I am so incredibly proud of the business I have created with Tidy by Tina!

Here are some of my quick tips that everyone can start with:

  • Take it one step at a time. Start with one drawer, then move to one cabinet, one closet, one room, one home.

  • Sort by category first. This will make it easier to purge.

  • If you love it, use it, need it - keep it! Otherwise purge.

  • Give every item a home.

  • Get the family involved.

  • Clutter is just delayed decisions.

  • Every task you put off is time accumulated when it’s time to declutter.

  • Investing in a professional organizer will save you money on food waste and clutter.

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