Ever purchased something at the grocery store only to come home & realize you already it in the back of your fridge?


Ever wonder how people on Pinterest live with their picture perfect fridges?


I was frustrated of throwing out food and spending 5 minutes trying to find one ingredient. I LOVE to cook, I don’t LOVE moving six things to get to the thing I need.

I wanted my fridge to look like one from Pinterest, but also to be able to support my chaotic family. So I created a system that was easy enough for any family to implement and incorporates both elements, form and function.

Every family, every space and every lifestyle is different but my fundamentals stay the same.

Follow these step by step guide to transform your fridge from boring to beautiful & functional.

Step 1: Gather Materials.

You’ll need a trash can, non-toxic cleaner, dish soap & cleaning rags.

Step 2: Working area.

Somewhere large enough to sort food. Be sure to wipe the surface clean first.

Step 3: Work your way top to bottom.

Working your way from top to bottom, shelf by shelf begin taking everything out cleaning & discarding old or unused items.

Soak shelves and drawers in hot soapy water or sprinkle baking soda & use a sponge to wipe clean.

*if necessary, use a cooler or cooler bags to store food as you work

Step 4: Drawers & Doors.

Remove drawers & wipe down the inside of doors.

Step 5: Clean food products.

Before placing food items back, Wipe off the sticky jelly and crusty ketchup.

Step 6: Space plan.

Create zones, by grouping like items. Start thinking of who uses that item & how.

Step 7: Contain.

Begin placing items where you naturally look and reach for them.

Products ≠ Organization.

You can create a system without expensive products.

Step 8: Keep Fresh.

Use a non-toxic deodorizer like baking soda or vanilla to keep your fridge smelling fresh.

I recommend a deep clean every 3-4 months.

Step 9: Teach & Maintain.

Train yourself & others accessing the fridge to put things back in their home. Create zones in your fridge where items can be put back in the right place without having to think about it.

*I recommend spending 2 minutes a day putting items where they belong & a full fridge clean out every 3-4 months.

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Want to know which specific cleaning & organization products I recommend for your space? Want my full list of possible fridge zones? Have a question about organizing for a special diet?

Book a 1:1 Virtual coaching call! I will walk you through each step providing guidance & education.

I look forward to helping you get your space in its place!



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