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"Tina is my guardian angel and fairy godmother rolled into one. There is literally nothing she cannot do. If there’s something she isn’t already an expert at, she figures it out until she becomes one. All the random to-dos on your list that you don’t ever seem to be able to get to? Tina can help - whatever they are! Her organizational and problem-solving skills are top-notch. She has made over my garage, helped me move into and out of a summer home, helped book kids’ activities, secured contractors for various home improvements, and created a file system for our household paperwork. She is my right-hand woman and I don’t know where I would be without her!"

Cate M.


"Before working with Tina, I was  really struggling to find anything in our walk-in closet. There was no organization whatsoever. Nothing functioned properly and I never wanted to be in our closet because it was the one space in our home that was a mess and stressed us both out, but now, I’m able to find all our things easily. Getting dressed in the mornings is quick and easy. Our closet now functions so well for us, everything has a place and now we are able to display all the items that we want. The feedback that I keep getting from friends is that our closet looks like it's out of a magazine. The closet reorganization that Tina did for us has not only transformed our closet, but our lives. We no longer argue about the mess our closet is in or the fact that all our stuff is so hard to find. We absolutely love our closet now and we could not have accomplished that without Tina. Thank you Tina for helping us to make our closet one of our favorite rooms in our house!"

Jessica O.

Pantry After

"Tina is a life saver! Not only does she have great solutions, but taking the time and the hassle out of trying to shop for everything was great. tackling the kitchen seemed so overwhelming, but she saved the day. I cant wait to have her come back for more :)"

Amanda G.


“Tina was a lifesaver helping us get ready for a renovation. Tina and her team helped us declutter, pack in an organized manner, organized donations, movers, etc. I could go on and on with all of the help that Tina and her team provided. They saved our family months of prep work. We have had a great experience working with Tina. I highly recommend Tidy by Tina!”

Megan A.

"I wish I would have found Tina sooner! I have always liked to think of myself as clean and neat, but Tina helped me become organized. There is better functionality in my life now and it's easy to keep everything tidy in my apartment." 

Lucy O.

"Tina has changed my life in a way I didn’t know was possible. I was uneducated, buying this and that, thinking “I’m organized I can do this”. Well then I met Tina! She educated me, maximized my space, and showed me how to maintain this perfection! Step by step. Do yourself a favor and contact Tina immediately!!!"

Morgan A.


"Our biggest challenge is maintaining functionality while organizing and purging. Our son has special needs and having his therapy toys, sensory items and other needs readily available is important. I needed someone to come in, help me focus my efforts, and to share a vision for our space that I couldn’t see because I’m in it every day. We worked together to do all of that and more. She was very professional, non-judgmental, and thorough. Tina had me purging things I resisted purging for years but really needed to let go of! I’m so grateful for her coming into our home and creating order for our always on-the-go household. We are having her back soon to help with the upstairs! Worth every penny!"

Jen N.


Move in Ready

"Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person's life. However, turning to Tina for help moving into our new home was one of the best decisions we made!! Tina helped to get us organized when our new home was full of boxes and we were so overwhelmed and stressed. She helped us figure out how to get started unpacking and created an organized process for us so that our unpacking experience was stress-free and even exciting! Tina tackled unpacking and organizing our kitchen, which was the most overwhelming project of moving into our new home. She was efficient and made sure she set up our kitchen in a way that worked for us! The end result was a beautifully organized and functional kitchen!! I highly recommend Tina's services for anyone moving!!"

Melissa C. 

"Tina's talent for personalizing spaces is above and beyond. Her ability to balance style and functionality, with the creative use of space in any home is truly a gift! I was able to transform my closet into a more clean and functional space while also creating a more desirable aesthetic. She taught me great habits that are easy to maintain and make my life at home much more enjoyable."

Tiffany V.

"Showing your disaster closet to a stranger, or even to a friend, is uncomfortable. I had an avalanche of sweaters that would fall on me every other day. I shared with Tina that I was the only person I knew who hadn't cleaned out their closet during quarantine and that I was in reality never going to do it. Letting her do it for me was the best decision I made for myself in 2020! Tina listened to everything I needed, she selected items that worked with my style, and created a system that has made my life so much easier. I'm wearing clothes I hadn't even seen in years and having so much fun getting dressed in the morning. It was so worth letting Tina see the disaster closet - which is a disaster no more."

Teo D. 



“Tina helped us organize our kitchen.  She was very responsive and gave us a clear budget.  She completed the job as scheduled and her organization was practical, so we've been able to maintain.  Will definitely work with Tina again!”

Jessica S.


“Tina is a life saver! Not only does she have great solutions, but taking the time and the hassle out of trying to shop for everything was great. tackling the kitchen seemed so overwhelming, but she saved the day. I cant wait to have her come back for more :)”

Amanda R.