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Professional Home Organization — With A Twist

Does seeing a bunch of stuff on your kitchen counter make your mind race? 


Do you keep procrastinating on putting away that laundry you did two weeks ago?


Do you have a bunch of knick knacks you aren’t sure what to do with before your move?

Hi, I'm Tina Jellinek

Professional Organizer & Owner

I’m not your typical home organizer. I meet you where you’re at and also tell it to you straight — recognizing that organizing and decluttering your space can feel like quite the undertaking. I encourage you, with resources and support, to put processes in place that streamline your home and your life, one area at a time.

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Services Offered

If clutter and disorganization are stressing out you and your family, Tidy by Tina is here to help you organize your home and your life, efficiently and effectively. 

Tidy by Tina offers a wide range of client services both in the Boston area and virtually:

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Organizing for families and  individuals

Putting accessible processes in place to streamline your day-to-day life


Life Transitions

Equipping people with tools to move to the next stage of their lives 


Getting homes ready for sale

Helping you organize to maximize your profit​

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Newton, MA




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