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Tidy by Tina was founded by Tina, a Professional Organizer and self-proclaimed “Space Whisperer” of homes and businesses located in the Greater Boston Area. No organizing project too big, too small, or too messy for her Tidy Team to set straight. They love tackling those dreaded spaces or productivity-boosting projects that people often procrastinate with. It is Tina's unbridled passion to reimagine your space by de-cluttering, organizing, styling, and facilitating some much-needed order in your sanctuary, home or office – wherever!


Most clients reach out because they simply don’t have the time, feel stuck, or don’t know where to start to conquer all the chaos. Quite honestly, most just want to have someone else do all the decluttering dirty work. That’s when Tidy by Tina comes in.


The Tidy Team has strong backgrounds in administrative support, project management, customer support and logistics. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, the focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. Tidy by Tina will customize a plan of action for your home or your business. 

As a busy mom, police wife & business owner, Tina understands first hand, the mental and physical toll of managing a family and a business. 


Our goal is to make our clients productive and efficient!

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