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It’s time to get organized and reduce stress. Whether you are looking to make your home more functional, getting ready to move, or need to have your workspace more productive, Tidy by Tina is ready to assist.

Let's talk about your specific needs and how Tidy by Tina can help. Call for a free phone consultation.

I can help you put any space in its place! I will declutter, categorize, and organize using my signature tools and system, ensuring the systems work for you and your family. Perfect for any space within your home or office.

Whether you are downsizing or heading to your forever home, I strive to make your move as stress-free and seamless as possible. I provide packing, unpacking, and logistical support to ensure everything is in its place before and after the move.

I specialize in helping you get your home ready to sell. I work closely with you to declutter and organize your space, making it more appealing to potential buyers and maximizing the value of your home. This includes preparing and managing your home for an estate sale, if needed.

The Process

  1. Ready to get organized? If you have any questions about Tidy by Tina, or what services are offered, please feel free to call (617) 655-8492.

  2. The first official step in working with the Tidy by Tina is to schedule an In-Home Assessment ($150), which you can book  below, or by calling us directly.

  3. Pick the package that suits you best, and we'll schedule your sessions to get you on the path to a stress-free transformation.

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Book an Assessment

During your initial consultation, we will thoroughly assess your current cluttered situation, discuss your goals, and strategize an action plan to save and style your space.


All Services Include:

  • Decluttering/clearing out spaces of unwanted items

  • Sorting

  • Space planning

  • Product recommendations

  • Shopping assistance & returns

  • Donation drop off (1 truck load per session)

  • Trash carry out

  • Email & Text support

Pricing Plans


Room Refresh

4 Hours

Get started on your organizing journey with our introductory session, tailored for clients seeking to streamline smaller spaces such as closets, bathrooms, or entryways. Experience the transformation firsthand as we optimize your space for functionality and aesthetics.


Space Changer

12 Hours

Ideal for those clients who are looking to have one or two spaces within their home decluttered and organized. Clients will receive a 5% discount (included in pricing, below) if they purchase three sessions rather than one at a time.



20 Hours

Minimum amount of sessions for clients who are looking to have three of rmore spaces within their home decluttered and organized. Clients will receive a 10% discount (included in pricing, below) if they purchase five sessions rather than one at a time.

*Add on hourly until completion ($175 per hour)


Newton, MA




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