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About Tidy by Tina

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It's time to stop the overwhelm and clutter that is taking over your home. Whether it is the entire house or a struggle spot, a cluttered home brings stress and frustration that you can do without.

Oh, and home organization doesn't have to be the entire home! It can be your home office, pantry, playroom, basement, garage, closet, or mudroom... we could keep going. Trust us, once the feeling of calm that a clean and organized home brings, you won't want to stop either.

The professional organizing team at Tidy by Tina will step in and organize your home efficiently and effectively. They give you the support and tools needed to make your home functional and bring you peace of mind, ensuring the tools and systems they implement make sense for you and your home.

The Tidy by Tina team can help! We are an ADHD Women-Owned Business, so we can truly say we get it. The Tidy by Tina organizing team is comprised of an all-female team with different backgrounds.

Feel the relief and peace of mind an organized home brings with it. It's time to get tidy today! The Tidy by Tina Team of Professional & Personal Organizers is located in the suburbs of Boston in Watertown, MA. We travel and also offer virtual services.

Meet Tina

Owner & Founder

Tina launched her business during the Covid-19 pandemic once she realized parents everywhere were struggling with the chaos and stress of everyday life.  Tina started sharing her organizing tips on social media, learned from 15 years in the corporate world, being raised by a hard-working family, and becoming a single teen mom, all while maximizing her time and resources. This expanded to helping others declutter their homes and creating systems that families could easily maintain! 

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