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Tips and Tricks for Decluttering Your Garage

The garage often has a reputation for being jam-packed with all the stuff you should get rid of, but can’t help keeping around for some reason. It turns into the storage room of the home, and for what? You’ll have so much more space after getting rid of the extra items cluttering your garage! Here are a few easy tips to tidy your garage and get your space back in order:

1. Clear everything out

The garage is one place that definitely benefits from being cleared of every single item. Start fresh by bringing everything out onto the driveway or lawn and easily notice which items are broken, too old to use regularly, or if you have duplicates. Once everything is outside, you can take the time to clean and dust what you need to.

2. Break items down into categories

As you begin sorting through your items, focus on what you use most often. Garages are typically filled with old hobbies or past projects (fitness equipment, outdoor supplies). If you don’t use these items anymore, remember you can easily borrow or rent them if you want to get back into an old hobby. Here are some common categories to go through when starting to sort:

  • Tools and hardware

  • Construction materials (plywood, insulation, etc.)

  • Camping gear

  • Outdoor supplies (kayaks, bikes, etc.)

  • Parts to appliances you no longer use

  • Yard decor

  • Party supplies

  • Kids toys

  • Fitness equipment

  • Extra car parts

  • Miscellaneous

3. Get rid of anything broken or unused

Anything broken, untouched in months, or that doesn’t serve a clear purpose can be donated, recycled, and trashed. Now is the time to carefully evaluate everything you’ve been storing, and be honest with yourself about what you’re really going to use. Freecycle is a nonprofit that’s all about reusing and keeping quality items out of landfills. It’s a great resource to stay sustainable and give your items a new chance at life!

4. Put everything back in its place

Group like items together and assess where their home should be by finding a system that works for you. Maximize storage using bins and shelves, and utilize the vertical space on your walls. Make sure the items you use regularly are easily accessible, and seasonal items can be stored up on the higher shelves or more out of the way. Assess what makes the most sense for you based on how and when you and your family use your items.

Decluttering will ensure your garage isn’t a space that causes frustration, but a space where you and your family have room to breathe! In order to keep it this way, create a habit of decluttering regularly so things don’t pile up beyond control. Try to go through once every month or so and tidy up. This will ensure your garage stays organized and you remain in control of your space!

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